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Monday, 11 May 2009

Shameless Advertising: We Want to Win!

Subscribe to Family First's free midweek update, by clicking here and put "MandM" in the space "Who referred you to this website" and Family First will put both you and us into a draw for an Air New Zealand 'MYSTERY WEEKEND'!

We find the midweek update very useful to have an idea of what is happening in the area of law and policy affecting family; sometimes it has stuff we've missed. Even if it is not your sort of thing, perhaps it is not libertarian enough or it does not satisfy your Marxist tendencies because it buys into the 'false notion of family,' sign up anyway to gather intel!

Matt and I could really do with a break and for most people there are at least some things Family First are doing that they agree with so sign up!


  1. You want to know more about this topic? Which topic? Shameless advertising perhaps?

    Recent blog post: Shameless Advertising: We Want to Win!

  2. Done, all the best.

  3. Thanks H.I.S.

    Cannot believe the spam I have had to remove from this thread - reminder to not use a heading like this one again.

    Recent blog post: Guest Post: A Reader Response Theory of Meaning?

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