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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to my mum, to my fellow blogging mum friends Lucyna, Pen, Stephanie, Lydia, Liz, Ele, Busted Blonde and the Hand Mirror girls and to all the other mums out there.

What do you give the rather political, blogging-mad, therefore somewhat a-typical, mum? Well my kids nailed it well. This morning I received:
  • a bag of red glo-heart lollies - my favourite
  • a chocolate heart from Noah - age 7 (who then spent the rest of the day hovering near it in the hope I would share it with him when I ate it)
  • a copy of Ian Wishart's Air Con
At church the youngest two made me rosebuds on stems by wrapping hershey's kisses in red cellophane, impaling them on sticks wrapped in green tape and beautifully personalised cards. Christian - age 14, who had stayed the night at the friend's house phoned to say happy mother's day with no prompting or reminding from anyone. Sheridan is babysitting tonight so we can go to a friend's for dinner.

I feel very spoilt and appreciated :-)


  1. happy mothers day :)

    Enjoy Air Con, I am :)

    I enjoyed our visit yesterday too, hope we can do it again some time.

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  2. Thanks Geoff :-)

    I have dipped in and read a bit already and it is very good.

    Recent blog post: Mother's Day

  3. Thanks Madeleine. It was my partner's birthday as well!

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  4. Thanks, Madeleine. I didn't know it was Mother's Day in NZ. I thought that was just American. I asked for one "smelly" rose, and got it, and I also got a "coupon" for a morning to myself, to be redeemed some time in the future. NEat presents!

  5. For Mothers Day we took my mother out to eat. I looked at her during the meal and remembered when I was a little boy and how she was so loving and selfless. And how she gave me such a great childhood, allowing me to be a little boy who jumped in mud puddles, caught frogs, climbed trees and played with puppies. I am overprotective of my own son and don't let him out of my sight. I've got to work on that.


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