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Friday, 7 November 2008

Election Themed Food Dilemma

I need some help, you see we sent out these invites to our election gathering (don't want to risk calling it a party as it may run the risk of breaching the EFA). You will note the instruction regarding the food....

Come and Celebrate or Commiserate

(depending on the outcome and your political affiliation)

Election 08


Live coverage starts at 7pm on TV1

(of the election, not our gathering)

So bring a beverage and some nibbles in the colour of your favourite political party

(note: the colour theme only applies to the nibbles as we drink red wine so…)

And come to [our address] by 7pm election day

Bring anyone you think might be keen, the more the merrier

In recognition of our pluralistic MMP society and given MandM’s long standing commitment to diversity, all political persuasions will be tolerated.

(in other words, I am inviting my sister)

Thinking this was rather clever at the time, it didn't occur to me the difficulty I was going to face with our food contributions given we are not voting left wing, which would have been so much easier - guacamole, cherios with tomato sauce, pesto dips, etc. So serious question: what blue or yellow food can I serve? The blue is especially difficult. Suggestions please!


  1. What about blue cheese or those blue corn chips? Yellow is pretty easy, chips and dip, nuts, crackers.

  2. I am interested, can I come? What is your address?

  3. I am not about to give my address out over the net. Email me if you want to come.

  4. Heaven forbid the paparazzi get your address LOL!


  5. The Mad Butcher has big packets of jelly beans in single colours, I am pretty sure they have blue ones.

  6. Thanks for that - I grabbed a pack, only $2 too and it was a monster sized pack.

    Couldn't find those blue corn chips though - had to settle for yellow ones. Sherry thinks I should just put blue food colouring in the dip or something... but ugh!

  7. I've seen a blue icecream, not sure about blue jelly. There are blue drinks that look like a bottle of toilet cleaner.

    It's not a nibble but you could try blue meat - fry each side for 30 sec or less. It's bound to be popular.

  8. ?Curacao.

    Food should not be blue!

    Which incidentally points to which way you should vote :)

  9. You could probably make a nice fruit spread using blueberries and bananas. Maybe blackberries and pineapples, too. For veggies, there are yellow peppers, eggplants, um . . . maybe in NZ you have some weird produce we've never heard of in the US to choose from.

    Bananas, especially. Everybody loves bananas.

  10. Actually the creme fraiche blueberry tartlets drizzled with blue jelly were a smash hit as were the banana cupcakes with blue icing and there are very few blue jellybeans left!

    I did think of Curacao but then I ran out of time.

    Bethyada, blueberries are anti-oxidants, very good for you ;-)

  11. Those all sound delicious! I'm glad it all worked out.


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