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Friday, 21 November 2008

October Blog Rankings: MandM Crack the Top 50

The October NZ blog rankings are out and MandM, as predicted, is one of the top 3 movers and shakers, climbing 27 places to number 50:

Unfortunately whilst Tim did update our URL to he failed to do so for our Alexa and Technorati Stats and went off our old and defunct blogspot url that we left behind nearly two months ago.

To see the difference, compare both these stat-lines:

nz 18,531 * 4,732,054 (old blogspot url stats)

nz 1,694 * 1,783,797 (current stats)

As you can see in the last two months we have climbed significantly; 3 months ago that Alexa traffic rank stat (the second, bigger number) started with a 7 and our NZ traffic stat (which measures our popularity within the international community) is equally strong.

So thankyou everyone for your support. Your visits, your comments, your links have all helped us to achieve this result (of course we appreciate your contribution because of the contribution to the dialogue it makes first and foremost).

If you are still linking to our old blogspot url, the one with all the mandmandmandmandm's in it, please, please, please update it :-)

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