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Sunday, 9 November 2008

Our Election Gathering

So many people emailed me blue food suggestions and left comments that I feel compelled to give a review of our election gathering last night.

Despite efforts to be inclusive, my sister and brother-in-law preferring to manipulate visually impaired voters into voting Green instead (they had to take Rich's mum to vote and teased me via text that they refused to take her unless she agreed to vote Green and that when they took her and she couldn't see the ballot they voted Greens for her).

It was fair to say that our guests did not represent a cross section of the electorate, though a few brought offerings that suggested otherwise:

The bearers of the strawberries came in waving a Chris Carter pamphlet and a palm frond as a guesture of green peace and his wife brought a plate of green animal biscuits.

The offerings were pretty clever and they all tasted good too. On the table were:

[I have included the colours for the benefit of our overseas traffic]

Representing National (Blue and White)
Creme fraiche and blueberry tartlets drizzled with blue jelly
A bowl of blue jellybeans and white milk bottle lollies
Blue jelly and whipped cream - though I forgot about it and left it in the fridge

Representing ACT (Predominantly Yellow with a bit of Blue)
Banana muffins with blue icing
Chips and cheese and onion dip
Homemade pizza with dark olives (giving a bluey hue) and a thick layer of yellow cheese hiding the red tomato paste base (kinda clever as ACT formed out of a Labour Party split)
Mango chilly philly (which is yellow) with yellow crackers
Hot chips

Representing the Family Party (Yellow and Black)
Cashew nuts with raisins
Samosas (yellow outside, very dark filling)

Representing Labour (Red and White)
Strawberries and whipped cream
Tomato sauce (ketchup) for ACT's chips

Representing the Greens (Green)
Green animal biscuits

It was all great conversation, good wine, lots of buzz and a great outcome but for Stephen Franks missing out - we all felt a bit deflated when we realised that he had missed both the List and Wellington Central.

What did everyone else get up to last night? How did you all pass the evening?

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  1. I ended up having to work but got bits of it through sneaky checks on the web and the TV was running in the staff room.


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