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Friday, 14 November 2008

Sometimes the Left are Right: The Right-Wing 5 Headed Monster

One of the things I am loving about not being affiliated to any party is that I can criticise my own 'side'. It is a liberating thing.

I stumbled accross this on The Standard and I have to say I agreed with it.

Well, most of it.

Definately did not agree with the last line...

And of course John Key was right that a government without a clear direction being pulled all over the show by competing agendas would not be good for the country, especially in a time of economic uncertainty and there is the fact that what he was speaking of and what the Standard are referring to do differ somewhat, in that he only needs a two headed monster to govern and one of the 5 heads is really a two headed monster in its own right, but Tane does have a point....

Moving right along.

Taken from: Careful of them monsters, John by Tane.

It’s amazing to see how quickly John Key got over his fear of five-headed monsters once it came time to cobble together a government, and more amazing still how quickly the media chose to forgive and forget.

You’ll recall that just two weeks ago the media couldn’t get enough of John’s line that having a government composed of:

“all sorts of different parties” with “competing interests” would not be in the best interests of New Zealand during a period of “difficult economic times to manage”.

But, silly me, they bought that one when it was Helen Clark’s coalition options in question. Now that it’s John Key, it turns out what was irresponsible just two weeks ago was actually “smart” and “inclusive” all along.

They’re a funny bunch, our right-wing media.

[I am sorry but if the media is "right-wing" then what on earth am I? Maybe a better question is what does that make The Standard?!?!?]

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