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Saturday, 22 November 2008

The Special Votes Give a Seat to the Greens

The Special Votes have been counted, the official result of the New Zealand 2008 Election is in; see the effect they have made on the provisional results:

Final results in bold, (provisional results in brackets)

National 44.93% (45.45%) - 58 (59) seats
Labour 33.99% (33.77%) - 43 seats
Green 6.72% (6.43%) - 9 (8) seats
ACT 3.65% (3.72%) - 5 seats
Maori 2.39% (2.24%) - 5 seats (overhang)
Progressive 0.91% (0.93%) - 1 seat
United Future 0.87% (0.89%) - 1 seat

Basically National loses a seat, the Greens gain one. What is with kiwi's overseas and nostalgically voting Green? Its all right for them, they don't have to live here.

No change to the reigns of power or anything dramatic as the confidence and supply agreements are more than adequate but as David Farrar said on applying the St Lague formula:

National was at massive risk of losing a second seat as they hold Spot 120. Labour are in 121. National’s quotient is 9160.0 while Labour’s quotient is 9159.5.

If Labour had 40 more voters turn up (that is less than one voter per seat), then Damien O’Connor would be back in Parliament and Aaron Gilmore would have missed out. Or if 22 people who voted National had voted Labour, then Labour would have 44 seats and National 57.

This does raise the risk of Labour seeking a recount somewhat, though of course, there is no guarantee that'd help them.

1 comment:

  1. I'm overseas. I voted green.

    I did it just to annoy you. We all did.



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