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Monday, 17 November 2008

The New Lineup

The new Cabinet has been announced:

John Key
Prime Minister
Minister of Tourism
Ministerial Services
Minister in Charge of the NZ Security Intelligence Service
Minister Responsible for the GCSB

Bill English
Deputy Prime Minister
Minister of Finance
Minister for Infrastructure

Gerry Brownlee
Leader of the House
Minister for Economic Development
Minister of Energy and Resources
Associate Minister for the Rugby World Cup

Simon Power
Deputy Leader of the House
Minister of Justice
Minister for State Owned Enterprises
Minister of Commerce
Minister Responsible for the Law Commission
Associate Minister of Finance

Tony Ryall
Minister of Health
Minister of State Services

Nick Smith
Minister for the Environment
Minister for Climate Change Issues
Minister for ACC

Judith Collins
Minister of Police
Minister of Corrections
Minister of Veterans’ Affairs

Anne Tolley
Minister of Education
Minister for Tertiary Education
Minister Responsible for the Education Review Office

Christopher Finlayson
Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations
Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage

David Carter
Minister of Agriculture
Minister for Biosecurity
Minister of Forestry

Murray McCully
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Minister for Sport and Recreation
Minister for the Rugby World Cup

Tim Groser
Minister of Trade
Minister of Conservation
Associate Minister of Foreign Affairs
Associate Minister for Climate Change Issues

Wayne Mapp
Minister of Defence
Minister of Research, Science and Technology
Associate Minister for Economic Development
Associate Minister for Tertiary Education

Steven Joyce
Minister of Transport
Minister for Communications and Information Technology
Associate Minister of Finance
Associate Minister for Infrastructure

Georgina te Heuheu
Minister for Courts
Minister of Pacific Island Affairs
Minister for Disarmament and Arms Control
Associate Minister of Maori Affairs

Paula Bennett
Minister for Social Development and Employment
Minister for Disability Issues
Minister of Youth Affairs

Phil Heatley
Minister of Fisheries
Minister of Housing

Pansy Wong
Minister for Ethnic Affairs
Minister of Women’s Affairs
Associate Minister for ACC
Associate Minister of Energy and Resources

Jonathan Coleman
Minister of Immigration
Minister of Broadcasting
Associate Minister of Tourism
Associate Minister of Health

Kate Wilkinson
Minister of Labour
Minister for Food Safety
Associate Minister of Immigration

Maurice Williamson
Minister for Building and Construction
Minister of Customs
Minister of Statistics
Minister for Small Business

Richard Worth
Minister of Internal Affairs
Minister for Land Information
Minister Responsible for Archives New Zealand
Minister Responsible for the National Library
Associate Minister of Justice

John Carter
Minister of Civil Defence
Minister for Senior Citizens
Minister for Racing
Associate Minister of Local Government

Rodney Hide
Minister of Local Government
Minister for Regulatory Reform
Associate Minister of Commerce

Heather Roy
Minister of Consumer Affairs
Associate Minister of Defence
Associate Minister of Education

Pita Sharples
Minister of Maori Affairs
Associate Minister of Corrections
Associate Minister of Education

Tariana Turia
Minister for the Community and Voluntary Sector
Associate Minister of Health
Associate Minister for Social Development and Employment

Peter Dunne
Minister of Revenue
Associate Minister of Health

Lockwood Smith

I will not be giving stats on the number of women or breaking down the portfolios races as this is irrelevant; ministers should be chosen on the basis of their ability.

No major surprises really, the only thing I would comment on is the sheer number of portfolios on issues the government has no business touching or that are just dumb or paternalistic - women's affairs is particularly grating as is broadcasting and arts, culture & heritage and the rugby world cup? does the government really have to run that?

1 comment:

  1. I don't really know squat about the running of parliament so my thoughts may not be worth much here, but I would've thought that prime minister is a large enough role without taking on any portfolios.

    I agree the government should be less involved (racing, rugby!) but my question is, since the government is already big, shouldn't there be portfolios in the areas the government is already involved in until they remove their involvement. Presumably they will have to remove themselves at a defined pace rather than just hands off. Take health, if the government were to privatise this, it would take a while and one would imagine a minister overseeing the declining current system and possibly another minister overseeing the transitional process.


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