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Wednesday, 26 November 2008


We've been tagged by our old Free-Students Network chum Trevor Louden. The rules are:
  • Link to the person who tagged you
  • Post the rules
  • Share seven random or weird facts about yourself
  • Tag 7 random people at the end of the post with their links
  • Let each person know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog
[UPDATE: Mark V makes the point that we should really do 7 facts each, it is actually difficult to come up with these as many we assume people already know about us.]

Fourteen pointless facts about us:
  1. Madeleine voted for the Alliance the first time she voted because she liked their tax policy.
  2. Before Matt went to Uni his career ambition was to be an officer in the NZ Army but he failed the psych test.
  3. Madeleine travelled the world on a boat for two years before she turned 5 and learned fluent German (as fluent as pre-schoolers get).
  4. Matt finished University with an A grade average, was awarded 7 scholarships and one of his PhD thesis markers said his PhD was one of the finest he had had the privilege of examining.
  5. "Womens' Space Invasion Outrages" was the title of Madeleine's first foray onto the front page of a major newspaper.
  6. Matt has never smoked a cigarette, been drunk or tried drugs. Madeleine is
    not commenting.
  7. Matt proposed to Madeleine by writing a 7 page letter arguing the case, point by point, for why getting married was a good idea.
  8. Madeleine hate seafood, shellfish, even fresh water fish - all of it.
  9. Matt does not eat grapes or strawberries.
  10. Madeleine, as an adult and not under the influence of any substance, once walked naked through the corridors of Waikato Hospital.
  11. Matt was once charged with "sexually harassing a space," the charges were thrown out by the university mediator.
  12. Madeleine is older than Matt.
  13. Madeleine is accomplished at sewing and cake decorating.
  14. Matt is working towards his brown belt in karate.

[If we get to write 14 facts then surely we get to tag 14 blogs...]

We tag:

Say Hello to my Little Friend; Crusader Rabbit; Kiwiblog; Stephen Franks; No Minister; Roarprawn; Mullholland Drive; Lost Soul; The Policy Blog; The Dim-Post; The Visible Hand; What's Wrong With the World; Homepaddock; Hard News.


  1. As the facts are about both of you, shouldn't that be 14 facts about yourselves?

  2. After we put it up I looked at Trevor's blog again and realised he had tagged me, not us, but because it was so hard to come up with the above I left it as is.

    Not that long ago we did the 5 things meme so these had to be different again and because we do talk about a range of aspects of our lives on the blog it was difficult to come up with things we had not talked about.

    Having read David Farrar's I have thought of some more, though I doubt I can top his hiding under a hedge impersonating a hedgehog...

  3. Would you care to give some context to 6, 10 and 11 in particular?

    My mind is boggling!

  4. LOL! Sure, some context:

    5. and 11. are related to each other.

    Matt was on the student union executive at Waikato University and we had not long started seeing each other. It turned out that the Women's Room Collective (WRC) had wanted to debunk its image of being anti-men so asked a few men to join the collective, including Matt. Matt agreed and then the WRC held all their meetings in the Women's Room meaning none of the new male members were allowed to participate which left us wondering how genuine the invitation had been.

    The Women's Room at Waikato Uni was a rabbid feminist room. I told Matt about the posters in the room: stamp out high heels as they are a male construct designed to cripple women so men can rape them easier posters, the lesbian rants against Christianity, the lesbian soft-porn art, and the box of dental dams free to take for those wanting to engage in safe lesbian sex, etc.

    Matt couldn't believe what he was hearing so, as it was Friday afternoon meaning campus was quiet and as the room was empty I took him into the room. He signed the guest book, we figured why hide the fact he was here, he was a member after all, and we left. A few days later the campus nut-bar who had heard of what we did also did the same thing but he went in when there were women there, who were upset having lost a political scrap and signed the book in front of them.

    Instead of going nuts at him, they went after Matt and charged him as per 11 and attacked me for not being a real woman in the letters column of the student rag. It sparked the biggest letter debate of all time at Waikato Uni, only to be eclipsed a year later following the interview with me on "Murder, Feminism" and my "Sexy Legs."

    The Waikato Times phoned me, the reporter laughing as she interviewed me at the sillyness of it all, she said "you wicked woman you" and put me on the front page of the Saturday paper below the article on Waikato winning the Rugby Shield. The headline read "Women's Space Invasion Outrages."

    6. Do you mean my comment? Matt and I are both adult converts to Christianity. I had lived a much wilder life before my conversion than Matt. I do not smoke, get drunk or do drugs these days.

    10. I was giving birth to my oldest son at Waikato Hospital. The pain was really, really bad and I was not coping with it. I had been in the spa bath and decided I wanted some pain relief, the midwife said I had to be back in my room so I could be monitored. I had had my eyes shut for some hours at that point due to the pain and it did not occur to me that I was naked as I raced back to my room. I did not listen to the pleas to stop, as I was naked, because all I could think about was getting back to the room before the next contraction hit.

    My son was born shortly after and I never got the drugs.

    The next day I suddenly realised what I had done and I was mortified but by then what could you do but laugh!

  5. Thanks for the tag, I've played the game:

  6. I recently came across your blog, and have been visiting, now and again, for the thought-provoking, well-reasoned posts on a variety of issues not generally canvassed (in acceptable fashion, anyway) on other blogs.

    And then I am "shocked" to come across this titivating post.

    This is most upsetting.

    Now I feel compelled to visit far more often than I have previously.
    This is time I cannot spare. I feel an addiction coming on.


  7. Titillating? How so?

    That we are not the stereotype you expected? Most Christians are not.

    I am glad you enjoyed it though. We do some heavy, serious blogs on this post so I do like to break them up with some lighter ones.

  8. It's funny how in the midst of giving birth, modesty completely goes out the window. I had an audience for the birth of my first son comprising of my mother, my husband, my mother-in-law, my best friend and the midwife of course. They all saw me in varying stages of undress. But frankly at the time I didn't give a stuff, I had more important things to deal with.

  9. It is funny isn't it? The sorts of things you would be utterly mortified at normally just don't matter at all.

  10. tagged you too, see


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