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Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Just How Far Will the Left go?

We all know the left will stop at nothing to win in politics; see what they did to Stephen Franks in Wellington Central - systematic election hoarding defacement, abuse on his blog (too numerous to link to any one example), You Tube videos twisting out of context comments into scary hate filled messages against Christians and gays [note it was only called homophobic]. The threats and abuse we received for Fisking Grant Robertson, the critique of the latter You Tube Video, to name a few examples from one electorate.

But who phones 111 when they realise, on election night, that the left have lost and that National will lead the country?!?!?

And WHY???!!??

What littany of lies and propaganda about the right would have had to have been put up such people by the left to make them do this? (or are they just incapable of understanding the political process and the policies of the right?)

Liberty Scott's comments are on the button; extract from: What DID leftwing campaigners tell some people?

This report that some people rang the Police when the election results were coming through is alarming in several ways:

1. That people thought their benefits would disappear because National was being elected. What sort of untrammelled nonsense have the left been spreading about such a situation? How despicable are those who promote such lies among people who are clearly rather unhinged? How many were persuaded to vote Labour or Green or else their benefits would dry up?

2. What do people think the Police will do? Arrest John Key and Rodney Hide? Call an end to general elections? Do they think when things don't go their way the Police should be called in? How scary is that?

3. Most disconcerting is the helpless dependency of such people who think the only way forward is to remain dependent on money taken by force from others. How insipid has the welfare state become that there are people terrified at the prospect of having to earn themselves a living?

Sorry folks, it's when the word Libertarianz replaces National that you might be worried, but by then the culture would have to have changed so radically that you wouldn't be scared anymore.

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  1. It was only called homophobic because Christians can reason and are honest.


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