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Saturday, 11 October 2008

ACT Party Launch: Why on a Sunday Morning?

Given we are exploring our short list of political party's at the moment attending the ACT Party Official Launch is something we are interested in doing.

However the details below make the decision to attend difficult, from ACT's website:

The official launch of the ACT Party campaign for the 2008 election will held be
at the 1st level, Alexandra Park Complex in Greenlane 11 am on Sunday 12
Hear ACT leader Rodney Hide and the ACT Candidates explain ACT's

When 11 am Sunday 12 October
Where: 1st level Alexandra Park Complex
Contact: Margaret 09 912 8633

Note the time and day of the week? One cynically wonders if ACT are trying to deliberately send Christian supporters a message; to attend one needs to choose between attending church and attending the launch. It probably just didn't occur to them.

Maybe we can make both if we take off straight after the service.


  1. Equally, one cynically wonders if ACT are trying to deliberately send South Island supporters a message... ;)

    I'd like to be there, but not on Sunday thanks.

  2. You could say that for any day of the week though...

    If they had held it on Saturday - are they trying to send a message to sports players?

    If they had held it on a weekday - are they trying to send a message to workers?

    Sunday tends to be a day when the majority are free, as they don't have work.

  3. you could always skip church - or go to a night service, can't you?

  4. Matt sometimes wonders if ACT and Libz do realise that the philosophical underpinnings of their worldview is essentially Christianity minus God. Given how trendy it is to trash Christians, they do everything possible to run the other way so as to avoid being tarred (or maybe it’s to avoid the facing the thing that separates the two).

    ACT has a lot of Christian support but they seem very reluctant to acknowledge it or embrace it in some quarters. Thats all Matt meant.

    We were prepared to attend as our church service starts and finishes earlier than most, it just would have been nice if they had made it 1 hour later.


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