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Monday, 20 October 2008

On Going Blonde for a Date

I finally got a date for my impending cervical disc replacement surgery:

9 December 2008.

I promptly changed my hair and went blonde - its one thing I get to control I guess.

And no, I won't be arguing the case for the rationality of changing one's hair when faced with life changing events!


  1. some people would say that's a fairly blonde thing to do...

    hey, someone had to say it!

  2. Hang on a minute! Your other daughter is blonde isn't she... how do we know this is a picture of you?


  3. Yes, my other daughter is blonde but she is also 8.

    Despite my genes and my skincare regime I think it is pushing it somewhat to suggest I could be mistaken for her!

    Besides, she got really angry and told me off for going blonde because "people will think we look like each other" so we are not allowed to go there.

  4. If I was faced with a life-changing situation, I might do the same thing. Only I'd go blue. Or maybe red. Like cherry or fire truck red.

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