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Sunday, 19 October 2008

Situation Vacant at Beretta

Glenn is advertising for a partner in crime:


Are you the straight shooter that I’m looking for? I’m looking for someone to join the Beretta team - a team currently consisting of one.

You’ll become an author here at Say Hello to my Little Friend, you’ll be an occasional co-host on the SHTMLF podcast too. You’ll have at least a Master’s degree in theology or philosophy, or be working towards one, and basically I have to like your style and you can’t be someone who thinks all the material at this site is crazy. I don’t ask much, do I? Here’s another thing: I’m not part of any EEO agreement, so I can say this: I’d actually prefer a female to come on board (but that’s not an ironclad rule). Basically I think a woman would make a great addition to the podcast show, and I don’t want to encourage the outlook that conservative and serious theology or philosophy are men’s territory. If you’d be interested in being involved, or you know someone who you think would be great for this, let me know!

Oh, and I promise: You’ll get paid twice the amount I do.

Well he doesn't ask for much and the pay sucks but Glenn is pretty cool and his blog is almost as cool as ours.

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