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Thursday, 9 October 2008

Recent Comments

I have been messing around with the blog of late. New colour scheme, modication of the layout to three columns, new stats counter, a recent comments widget and a favicon.
I have tried 4 different recent comments widgets and none of them are working properly. The current one comes from Storago and yesterday it seemed to be working but today all the new comments have vanished and it is showing now comment. I think the problem is that I have to be able to FTP to my blog which given this is the freebie version I can't but then I read other pages that said the new beta version allowed the Storago widget to be added to an HTML/Java Script gadget - it was working yesterday.... argh!

I could try template tags but this can only parse and display comments from the page on which it is displayed and as such is not really what I am after.

Can anyone recommend a good, free recent comments widget that will properly function as a true recent comments widget - as in comments on old and archived posts will show up and the recent comments won't all vanish periodically?

I have installed a functional recent comments widget and it works and the best part was it was the least complex and quickest one I tried. It is a true recent comments widget in that it really does show the most recent comments first and it shows comments from posts that are archived - I tested it by commenting on our very first blog post and it showed up. So yay for Blogger Buster!


  1. I switched my commenting to haloscan then installed the haloscan recent comments widget. Works well, the only reason I have recent comments is to show me if there are comments on old posts.

    The problem with haloscan is you are not always certain which post the comment came from!


  2. We tried Haloscan and it wiped all our existing comments.

    I restored them with a backup I had made as a precaution (yay for backups!).

    Is there a way of switching accross to Haloscan without losing all your comments as aside from that I was impressed with it?

  3. I lost my comments (and had no back up!). It was early in my blogging so I don't think I lost much.

    I am not aware of a method to transfer comments but I haven't searched haloscan throughly.

    I found blogger's commenting slightly labourious and slow, though it seems faster now.

    Haloscan is limited by 3000 characters I think and has some minor advertising that doesn't really worry me.

    Enjoying your (plural) libertarian and Christian approach by the way, only discovered this blog in the last month or so.


  4. I tried Haloscan again yesterday and did a search to see if I could find a solution to the deleted comments issue but I couldn't so I gave up.

    Given that the official blog rankings unclude the number of comments in the calculation and we are starting to climb the rankings I really do not want to lose the the comments.

    Besides there are some really good, thoughtful comments here and I would hate to lose them.

    Glad you enjoy the blend - I go more into it in my latest post (book might be a better terms as it is rather long *ahem*).

    We enjoy your site too.

  5. Thanks!

    Are you saying that my site is rated higher if my comments are with blogger rather than with haloscan? or that my rating is partially dependant on the number of comments whatever the commenting system?

  6. I don't think it matters what support system your comments are coming in on. As I understand it the number of comments makes up part of the formula for the NZ Blog rankings - so the number of comments on your site is what is calculated.


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