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Saturday, 25 October 2008

Exams Loom: Signing Out for Now

My last lecture of the year was taped yesterday, my first final exam in 8 years is on Thursday (whatever happened to study week?) so I am signing out of the blogosphere until my last exam on 5 November. My Labour weekend will be nothing but intense study.

I am not stressed though as I got my final essay grade yesterday and it was the highest mark I have pulled since studying at University: 97.5%!!!!! - yay! totally made my day ! With all my grades in I now know I am going into exams sitting higher than the class average in both subjects (not bad given I have had an 8 year break from study, have completed the year pretty much absent from class due to my injury, have battled said injury and have 4 kids, a job, a blog, etc). Anyway, I would have to bomb in a spectacularly bad way to pull a fail overall - which I know I won't.

Speaking of things that made my day yesterday, we climbed 15 spots on the NZ blog rankings for September.

If Tim had had our correct uniques for September we would have officially climbed 26 spots to the number 69 spot (conservatively) but I recently upgraded our stats counter, so I could not provide him the data in the correct form; hence, we got guestimated - such are the rules. Tim does a great job so I won't complain. The new position moves us to the number 4 spot of blogs formally identifed as Christian.

So, I will leave the blog to Matt to manage, try to avoid the news, the computer and generally talking to people so I can focus purely on the books!


  1. I was mildly panicy - first exam at 8.30am tomorrow morning - but I just now logged into the University student site (Cecil) and did some maths based off my internal assessment marks thus far. I only need to a get 12% in the exam to pass the paper!

    So I don't need to stress.

    ....only I don't just want to pass....

  2. Well I am not surpised you got 97.5% in your essay and I doubt anyone who reads you is either.

    Hope your exams are going well.

  3. You seriously are wonder woman.


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