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Thursday, 16 October 2008

Back in the Land of Blogging

I missed the ACT and National party launches. I missed the leaders debate and with no TV, radio or internet - save only Tuesday's herald the old guy in the bed next to mine gave me - I have no clue whats new with the election and current events.

Frantically trying to catch up, thank goodness for TVNZ's On Demand and TV3's Video On Demand. I am working on some blogs - Matt is frantically trying to keep up with work so he may not have anything til after his lectures have finished this week.

I have needle tracks down both arms to rival a junkie – better not be hot the next few days, cause I am not leaving my house without long sleeves!

Four days of no food, no coffee either which caused a rotten stinking morpheine-resistant migraine from caffeine withdrawal, a range of tests all involving needles and one gastroscopy later (real fun having a camera look around your tummy), the diagnosis was tummy inflammation caused by months of taking pain-pills for my neck. The car accident sucks on a new level.

It’s settled now, thankfully it was only a “minor irritation” (would hate to think what a major one feels like).

Roll on surgery.

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