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Sunday, 19 October 2008

Alexa Stats: Domains and Re-Directs

After officially going private on Thursday and re-directing our blogspot URL to a shiny new domain I have hit some snags with our Alexa Stats.

On Thursday our Alexa Stats showed our reach had increased by 279% over the last 3 months and our traffic rank had increased some 6,000,000 over the same period - 72 hours and one new domain name later our reach is down to 149% and our traffic rank has dropped to a 4,000,000 increase. Our 1 week averages are showing up as blank which I suspect is what caused the drop.

I changed us to a domain on Thursday and then we hit the weekend and a new week rolled over and suddenly we had no stats. I submitted our new domain to Alexa on Thursday but it is still showing no stats at all.

I am wondering whether because of the fact we still do essentially have two URL's (there are existing links that still point to our blogspot URL so we have to keep the re-direct permanently set up) Alexa will from here on in split our stats over both domains. I am not sure that there is a way to get Alexa to read both results together. I have googled and searched the web and even submitted a question to Alexa but I still don't have the answer.

Can anyone who started out with a blogspot URL and upgraded to a private domain tell me how this works? Will it all settle down? If so, how long will it take? Is there something I should do to expedite things?

Whilst ranking stats are not everything, and are certainly nothing to do with what motivates us to blog, I think it is smart to have one eye on the stats and now we have semi-respectable stats it would be a shame to lose them for a technichal problem and as someone who dabbles at being a web-master I would like to understand how Alexa works better.

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