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Thursday, 16 October 2008

Questions you Would Like to Ask God: Invitation to Matt's Next Speaking Event

As advertised on Unitec Salt and Light announcements:

Questions for God

Dr Matthew Flannagan Ph.D, MSocSci (Hons), BSocSci

When: Tuesday 21 October
Time: 4-5 pm
Where: Gold Lecture Theatre (Beside the Hub) - Unitec Mt Albert Campus
Cost: Free
Event Format: Presentation followed by Q&A

If you had a chance to ask God one question what would it be? Students have had the opportunity to put their question in a box on campus. Dr Flannagan will attempt to answer those questions and take questions from the floor.

Dr Flannagan currently Lectures part-time for Bethlehem Tertiary Institute and teaches online for Laidlaw College. He holds a Masters degree in Philosophy from the University of Waikato and a PhD in Theology from the University of Otago. His research interests are Ethics, Apologetics, Worldviews and Philosophical Theology.

Who are Unitec Salt and Light?
Salt and Light are affiliated with Tertiary Students Christian Fellowship. They are a student fellowship group who come from a range of nationalities and church backgrounds based at the Unitec Mt Albert campus.

Who is Welcome?
It’s open to anyone interested; you don't have to be a student, you don't have to be a Christian.


  1. Sounds really good, if somewhat blasphemous.

    I will try to make it.

  2. Is that the campus on Carrington Rd?

    I might check it out.

  3. Yes it is. I study there and I definately intend to make it today too.


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