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Friday, 17 October 2008

Cambridge Tornado

Old friends Roger and Donna were woken in the night by the tornado that tore through Cambridge last night and realised that their back fence and two trees were gone. This was their backyard:

The tree took out their fence and their neighbour's roof:

When they went outside there was debris everywhere and there was a massive Oak tree down across the road - gift wrapped in the neighbours tin roof!

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  1. Hi guys, just to let you know we had some fantastic help from all the locals to clean up the debris. We lost two trees in the back yard, both about 30 years old, see the overhead photo, it shows the path of the twister and just how close it was to our house (the brick one on the right!) We also lost fences on three sides of the property - A large tree branch flattened the front fence! I only fixed it last weekend! Amazingly there was no damage at all to the house or even the swing and slide set that was in the back yard, yet there was a huge 80yr old Oak uprooted and dropped on the road with the neighbours roof! - Roger


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