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Thursday, 2 October 2008

Labour Cause Car Accident (Almost)

Whilst driving, through Labour's Sue Moroney's territory, on my way back from my weekly lecture at BTI in Tauranga, I laughed so much I nearly drove into a pole.

Narrowly missing the pole, the laughter saw me nearly swerve into fence.

This is what I saw on the side of Galloway St in Hamilton:

I don't agree with the vandalism of election hoardings and I prefer personal insults are left out of political debate but I did find this very funny!

UPDATE: Its seems stuff found it funny too.


  1. as seen on

    LOL at your misleading Whaleoil-esque hoax title for the post!!!

  2. Yeah, these are everywhere in Hamilton. I walk past at least two on my way to work (Grey St). Someone with a name like that just shouldn't have gone into politics...

  3. Lets just be thankful they didn't go into any of the right parties.

  4. Why do Labour make it so easy?

    That is just so funny. Its brilliant.


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