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Saturday, 13 December 2008

Madeleine Home

I picked Madeleine up from hospital this morning. She is doing ok but has had severe migraines from a combination of the drugs and the stiffness in her neck.

Her neck wound is healing well and appears to be smaller than we thought it would be which is good. None-the-less she wants to send me scarf shopping anyway (she wants to cover up the dressing/scar on her neck from the surgery) .... where does a man go scarf shopping without anyone noticing?


  1. Matt, I had a funny quip on where to send you, but it's probably not appropriate! Try the warehouse! Greate to hear Madaline is home, and doing well, hope the migranes settle down soon - keep in touch


  2. Why don't you knit her one Matt? Or you could ask my wife:

    Might get her off my back 4 a while :-)

  3. I should have added the right page:

  4. You are aware it is summer Rob? I am starting to be glad Matt failed to locate me a scarf, I shudder to think what he might have brought home LOL!

    Further, Matt knit?!? Ha ha ha! I barely knit! I don't have the patience for it or the time though I do appreciate the craft. I cannot believe your wife has the time with all the other amazing stuff she does with your kids and your home. I am in awe!


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