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Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Shadow Stats: Half Done NZ Blog Rankings

Half Done has been running shadow stats of the NZ Blog Rankings for a little while now utilising a different formula to Tumeke's that focuses more on reach; most notably, the number of posts and comments are not included. Srubone's formula is:

Alexa ranking*Alexa NZ ranking/Technorati authority/10000

There is a lot of support in the blogosphere for this formula as anyone can post a bunch of silly and worthless posts and comment on their own blog or fail to delete the spam posts to drive the stats up for Tumeke's formula but its a lot harder to self-manipulate the Alexa and Technorati stats; the best way to drive them up is to post quality content.

We had never linked to Half Done's stats before because Scrubone had been using our old blogspot URL which in October had us sitting at 85, compared to 50 on Tumeke, but after bringing this to Scrubone's attention last month he has run the stats with our correct data and we are absolutely ecstatic to see we are sitting at 31. Tumeke's November stats will not be out until around the 20th (usually) so we will not know how that score fares with his formula until then.

My only criticism of Scrubone's stats, and it is mean to call it a criticism given the amount of work that goes into stat gathering, is that there are no blog descriptions making it difficult for me to run a check for the top 10 Christians blogs off his stats without visiting all 199 and reading each in depth to gauge for myself. However, I can and will compile a shadow report as to how the top 10 fare on Scrubone's stats compared to Tumeke's so stop by later today. [I have an appt right now so check around mid morning]

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