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Thursday, 4 December 2008

Update on the Relativism Series

I had hoped to have part 2 in my relativism series online by now and I am aware I said it would be, but editing has taken longer than anticipated and now we have to leave for Madeleine's work Christmas do.

Provided we do not get back too late we will get it online tonight, otherwise expect it tomorrow morning - I think Madeleine has set up an auto post on something else which will be online shortly.

UPDATE: Madeleine's word do was excellent - she works for such a generous company. The company booked out Rainbow's End, gave really good Christmas presents to every child of an employee, had Santa on hand, put on a massive buffet dinner and then after enjoying all the rides finished the evening with a massive, professional fireworks display. Who said New Zealand was in a recession?


  1. The page you entitled "copywrite" should read "copyright". One has a "right" to make copies, not a "write".

  2. Thanks - fixed now. I struggle visually with written words even though I know what they should be. My mind instinctively switches things and makes me doubt their spelling. I am not sure why, Madeleine thinks its a form of dyslexia but we have no idea how to get sort it.


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