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Thursday, 18 December 2008

Roudy Protests

The picketers outside Pak'n'Save are at it again. Horns began tooting and shouts began infiltrating our home so I popped my head out the door and sure enough there they all are.

So far no siren or chanting or megaphone though. Thanks for that guys :-)

UPDATE: I take that back. The chanting just began and someone has a megaphone.

UPDATE: The siren has been let off too but not as continually as last time.

Chants include:
Whose got the power?

We've got the power?

What power do you have?

[Something something something]

Whose got the power?...
When I say Power you say?


When I say power you say?

[over and over] then:
What do we have?

Union Power

When I say power you say?
Then of course there is the tried and true:
What do we want?

[Something something]

When do we want it?

[Something something - presumably 'now']


  1. Despite having now been involved in years of "street politics" I'v never got entirely over the discomfort of shouting slogans. It is so remote from the kind of reasoned argument that should persuade citizens how to cast their votes.
    Yet once one has decided to join in it is astonishing how satisfying it can be to out-chant the opposition, and how easy it is to disregard the leaching away of wit after the first few repetitions of what might initially be a witty slogan or retort.

  2. Yes and how indifferent you can become to the neighbours who complain about the impact of the noise on their quiet enjoyment of their property and the effects on their children.

    When the guy mocked me last time, when I politely asked them to lay off the siren being put through the megaphone continually, a few protestors looked shocked at his behaviour but then as some of the others didn't it did not take them long to all begin chanting at me.

    The groupthink phenomenon is extremely powerful.

  3. This post, your bullying post and a school event I attended today all reminded me of the same thing:

    People are sheep.


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