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Tuesday, 23 December 2008

New Zealand Christian Blog Rankings for November 2008

Extrapolating from Tumeke's November 2008 stats, the top 10 Christian Blogs on Public Discourse in New Zealand are:
  1. NZ Conservative (23 + 0)
  2. The Briefing Room (31 + 4)
  3. Something Should Go Here, Maybe Later (33 + 1)
  4. MandM (46 + 4)
  5. Samuel Dennis (62 + 17)
  6. Kiwi Polemicist (72 + 20)
  7. Contra Celsum (95 + 30)
  8. Say Hello to my Little Friend (a.k.a Beretta Blog) (97 + 29)
  9. Put up Thy Sword (98 + 16)
  10. Gavin Knight (112 - 17)

Of Note:

  • Again, no change in the number 1 spot, well done NZ Conservative.
  • Contra Celsum and Beretta are the big climbers this time; well done, two excellent blogs that deserve more readership.
  • The top 9 are all within the top 100.

Other Christian blogs making the top 200 NZ blogs on Public Discourse are:

(Numbers in brackets show the overall NZ ranking of each blog)

Note: This list does not include Christians who blog but whose blogs are not identifiably Christian and is based on Tumeke's classification and ranking methods.

If you think your blog should be on the rankings click here.


  1. Almost all of the top 10 Christian blogs are my regular daily fixes.

    It is so good to see almost all within the top 100 too.

    Keep it up everyone.

  2. Thanks again for doing the rankings. Your first link within the post points to Oct instead of Nov.

    Here's what you need:

  3. Bree you are not wrong. The top 10 are all worthwhile reads, it has been really encouraging to discover them.

    Thanks for that KP, fixed now.

  4. well done for doing these rankings Madeline, great stuff.

  5. It's a bit strange being no 1 in any list (I think I can understand a little of how DPF feels with this one), as my goal for the blog was not to be popular, but to be a forum for Conservative/Traditional views. As such we have a limited, but steady readership. It's naturally morphed into a Catholic political blog with an open identity, ie we don't hide who and what we are.

    So, thank you for the congratulations, and no hard feelings if anyone puts the effort into surpassing us in popularity in the future!


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