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Monday, 1 December 2008

November MandM Highlights

November was a busy month; we had almost 3,000 unique visitors - 2,980 to be precise.

We reclaimed and exceeded (yay!) all the lost stats from when we changed address. Over the coming 4 months our ranking will be increasingly more accurate when measured against other sites.

Interestingly, the top 10 countries our international visitors come from are:
Indonesia [12%]
United States [10%]
Malaysia [6%]
Philippines [5%]
India [5%]
Turkey [4%]
Romania [4%]
Denmark [3%]
Spain [3%]
Australia [3%]
While Bulgaria features further down the list, we have always wanted to say hi to our regular visitor from Blagoevgrad - so a special hi to you!

Highlights for the month of November, in case you missed them, (we are working on installing installing a read more option to make scrolling the home page easier):

Sentience Part 1
Matt explores whether sentience is the property that a newborn possesses and a fetus does not that enables the liberal to be consistent in otherwise violating the non-initiation of force principle when it comes to abortion, by permitting feticide, and yet not when it comes to liberal opposition of infanticide.

Fisking Grant Robertson
This was November's most read MandM post and for good reason. Matt's fisk of the You Tube video made by Wellington Central MP Grant Robertson's supporters prior to the election is a must read for anyone wanting to see how to take apart the gay lobby's tactic of quoting people out of context, engaging in character assassination and falsely crying homophobia.
It is worth checking out just for the live examples of frothing at the mouth "tolerance" in the comments section.

In Defence of the Defence
Madeleine takes on Michael Laws' highlighting of the demonism of the defence lawyer so prevalent in society today arguing stridently for the due process and the presumption of innocence to be upheld despite our revulsion for child killers.

The Myth of Left Wing Moral Superiority
Matt highlights the lack of walk in the left's talk about their love and support for the poor.

This was another highly popular post - one commentor even called it titillating. It was really a bit of fun where you got to find out we have a sense of humour, get to see we are normal human beings and share some link-love around.

Barack Obama and Martin Luther King's Dream
Matt highlights the irony of the Luther King comparisons with Obama.

What About the Poor? Sustenance Rights Examined
In a two part series Matt examines arguments put forward in defence of the notion that the poor possess rights to sustenance when they cannot support themselves. His careful examination considers the role of the state, society and the Christian in light of this.
This is an issue that Christians often fail to understand the subtleties of so it is little wonder that non-Christians think Christianity entails socialism.

So What if She Wore the Same Jacket Twice?
Madeleine flies the feminist flag over the treatment of Bronagh Key's wardrobe tips compliments of the Herald and shares some of her own journey as a female involved, to a lesser degree, in the political sphere.

Homosexuality and the Right-Wing Socialists
Madeleine highlights the bigotry shown by the right towards those with viewpoints different to the party line on moral issues. Particularly under scrutiny is the practice of falling into cognitive dissonance when certain sacred moral cows come under any kind of scrutiny or what Contra Celsum refers to as "the Pavlovian dog-like response;" the most ardent liberal can switch into extremist socialist mode, selling out their commitment to liberty, simply to avoid being associated with a perceived affront to their moral values.

Abortion and Child Abuse
Matt highlights the flaws and focuses the latest blogosphere debate on abortion drawing from his PhD thesis on the ethics of feticide.

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