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Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Surgery Update

Madeleine has had her surgery. It appears to have gone well though we don’t see the surgeon until latter today to hear the official verdict. Thanks for all the supportive comments and e-mails.

UPDATE: The surgeon informed us yesturday that the proceedure was 'text book' Madeleine is already feeling some improvement in her neck. She is however very tired and will be in hospital recovering for the next couple of days.


  1. That surgery sounds intense - hoping and praying you recover well :)

  2. The innocent victims of car crimes often suffer many significant downstream complications which puts their lives, and those of their family and friends, through difficulty and anguish.
    Madeleine's courage and forebearance deserve a complete and painfree recovery.
    Best wishes Madeleine and family.


  3. What they don't tell you is that it can take a few weeks to fully get over the anaesthetic.

  4. Hi Guys, keep me posted on your progress, we'll have to catch up during the Christmas break - maybe at the Mt Maunganui one day? Matt keep your chin up and Madaline I pray you have a speedy recovery - don't over do things too soon.


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