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Tuesday, 23 December 2008

November Rankings

Tim has finally published the November blog rankings for NZ blogs on public discourse - just in time for Christmas.

November of course the was frenzied election month so naturally blogs with a strong political bent, delivering what the punters want, did well and others saw their traffic drop off. Many bloggers hung up their keyboards shortly into the month as their sole reason for existing was complete at the close of the election, new blogs were birthed, some of which debuted very high. As such, it was always going to be interesting to see how the stats came out.

MandM, of course, are not affiliated with any political party but we do have a classical liberal/libertarian leaning. Our political blog entries were naturally geared in that direction so when parties and candidates that fit our political viewpoint deviated from it we said so and those blog posts, particularly, were very widely read.

John Key on Religion and Public Life, although written in September, had massive readership through November, peaking in the week after the election as many people came to it on search terms such as John Key Religion or John Key Homosexuality.

Is Abortion Liberal? Part 1, also saw high traffic with Matt's critique of ACT's inconsistent liberal application of the harm principle when it came to feticide.

Of course entries critiquing the left were also popular, most read was Fisking Grant Robertson; Matt unpacked the propaganda put out by his old student union comrade, turned professional politician, against National's Wellington Central candidate.

Finally our political framework or voting lens posts for Christians, such as A Voting Guide, Voting, the Role of the State..., What About the Poor? Sustenance Rights Examined also brought in high traffic given the confusion prevalent amongst Christians as to what their faith actually teaches them about the role of the state.

It appears we did enough in November as we climbed 4 spots to rank 46th in the country.

The numbers are fairly close through the top 40's and 30's we think if we work hard we should be able to crack 30-something in the New Year. We know December has been a bit stop and start for us but you all know why and it is Christmas.

Thanks everyone for your support, your visits, your comments and your links.

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