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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

What Lefties do to Christmas

Currently we have Say Hello to my Little Friend's Glenn (plus wife and kids) staying with us which is very cool because we are all old friends. They normally live in the south island so catching up since we left has been rare.

Anyway, Glenn does a lot of podcast's on his blog and he did a very cool one on what politically correct leftyness might do to Christmas, which he played for us last night - complete with funny voices and background sound and music effects (all done by Glenn). It is quite a departure from his usual, philosophical podcast fare but none the less it is very funny.

It is available on his blog here (as I have no idea how to insert a podcast into blogger). Glenn does link to a script of what is basically on his podcast but reading it is nowhere near as funny so if you are able to play the podcast, don't spoil it, just play the podcast and enjoy!


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