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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Any Requests?

We ponder issues to blog on that we hope you might be interested in but we would love to hear from our readers - what issues do you want to hear out thoughts on for future blogs?


  1. I would like to hear more on why you oppose the Seabed and Foreshore legislation.

    Why should the government potentially allow access to the beach denied to all New Zealanders?

  2. I would like you to post on double jeopardy. I realise this is not an NZ preoccupation, but I understand we cannot keep prosecuting people until the jury get the "right" answer.

    However there are presumably situations where further information should suggest a retrial of someone previously found innocent.

  3. And I have previously suggested more posts on intellectual property. Does it exist?

  4. I have done a post on double jeopardy: Labour Erodes More Human Rights: The Criminal Procedure Bill I could do another one I suppose.

    I have one in the works on the Seabed and Foreshore - just have to get onto it.

    As for intellectual property, you are not the only person who has asked for that previously. It is a question I should answer as I intend to make one of my law branches IP given I have some hands on experience from my previous job - the plan was to take IP this semester but it was full too fast so now I will do it next year as my last paper. So yep, happy to look at that.

  5. Madeleine you have lost a lot of weight and you look fantastic. I would like to hear about your journey.

  6. Why the coloseum on your banner? What made you choose that image?

    I have some ideas about why you might have but I would love to read a blog about your take on why you chose it.

  7. Being a teacher I am always interested in your views on education in NZ.

    Perhaps some Christian topics - thoughts on various parables, kingdom of God

  8. Capital punishment, the growth of Islam in the western world, the effects of leftist ideology in the western world.

  9. Some of these ideas are great; thanks this really helps as you wouldn't believe how hard it is to come up with new ideas sometimes.

    The plan is to come back to this list and go through it for inspiration when we are stuck. Some of the suggestions will be fairly easy for us to write, we already have opinions and some degree of knowledge and have the resources to form a blog post at hand, others we will have to think a lot on and find resources for but I'd say most are do-able.

    We have written a bit on Capital Punishment but its all under the tag "death penalty," - have a look at our labels; we don't have a capital punishment tag (I should probably rectify that).

    I like the idea of the bible study ones, don't know why we hadn't thought of that, Matt sure writes enough of them for our study group.

    Not sure on the weight one. I have been toying with it as I have seen the search terms people use to find out site and within our site showing interest in that but it's personal and I am not sure how much I want to go there given how much abuse I used to get over it.


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