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Thursday, 26 March 2009

MandM Now "Do Follow"

Just to let you all know that we now follow all backlinks and comments; we are officially now a do follow blog. This means that if you link to MandM then when your link shows up at the bottom of the post you are linking to, search engine spiders will follow your link and that will add to your page rank. They will do the same if you comment whilst logged in.

Most blog platforms have the no follow tag set by default in their scripts so that those who link to or comment on a blog will not have their link followed by search engine spiders which will not increase their page rank; this was implemented by the major blog platforms as a method to prevent spam.

It is increasingly agreed that spam continued and all that was achieved was that commenters and those linking in missed out on link love.

We really appreciate your comments and your links so we wanted to give you something back.

How to turn off no follow in Blogger
We turned off "no follow" by going to layout, editing our html, expanding widgets and deleting rel='nofollow' when it appeared in relation to comments and to backlinks (for us it only showed up twice) and then saving.

Note to Spammers: You are not welcome, you will be deleted.


  1. Stephanie @ Faithful Follower Of ChristMonday, 13 April 2009 at 2:33:00 pm NZST

    Thanks for this information. I did not know about this previously, and I changed my page also.

    Recent blog post: Here In The Death of Christ I Live

  2. That's great news, thanks for supporting the dofollow movement, I hope you are enjoying it.


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