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Saturday, 28 March 2009

The Lights are On!

Earth Hour Protest We are lit up like a Christmas tree!

Don't you just love TV3's live coverage of Earth Hour?

My 7 year old said "why are they making a TV program about how everyone has turned their electricity off? Don't they need electricity to make it? Don't people need electricity to watch it?" Then he began laughing.

The kids like having the lights on in their room, means they don't have to go to bed til 9.30pm!

How is it going at your place?


  1. Our kids are laughing at the fire works. They are enjoying them but my daughter just asked me if fireworks were good for the environment. When I told her no, they let off carbon emissions, they waste resources, they add to waste. She then said, as only children can, "well why don't you tell them mummy that thats a very silly way to teach people to save the environment."

  2. It's not often I have to wear sunglasses at night...

  3. My kids thought I had gone mad. I told my older son off twice for turning lights out.

    I am normally forever at them for leaving lights on.

  4. I saw the articles about the success of Earth Hour and couldn't believe it. I have a deck that looks out all over Johnsonville and I can tell you that the suburb didn't 'go out' or even dim at 8.30The HOS has an article about the success of Earth Hour and a photo of Auckland lit up as usual. Still never let the facts get in the way of what the MSM wants to happen eh?

  5. The only difference we saw were some fireworks and the Sky Tower was not visible like it usually is. Looking towards the city it looked like it did every other night.

    The Pak n Save, the Mitre 10, the KFC, the Banks, the shops, the 3 gas stations we can see from our house all had their lights on throughout, ditto the surrounding houses.

    But like you say, why let the facts get in the way of a good story.

  6. Myself and two of my daughters turned off all the lights, then slowly walked about the house turning on everything...
    lights, dryer, microwave, hot water in three sinks...

    We made a stupid little video of it and sang, "all we are saying is give earth a chance".

    Ahh.. the dirt eaters and their stupid little movement provided us with a whole four min of dumb fun.


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