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Friday, 13 March 2009

Bill Clinton on "Un-fertilised" Human Embryos [UPDATED]

See this clip for yet another President of the United States who supports human embryonic stem-cell research but has no clue what he is talking about.

Bill Clinton says he thinks the issue has become "too politicised" and we should be like him and "hand it back to science." He says this despite having repeatedly re-assured us that the type of human embryonic stem-cell research he supports is restricted to "un-fertilised embryos." He thinks much of the opposition to the issue would be alleviated if people realised this point.

Worse (well not sure which is worse really) the interviewer did not bat an eyelid as his repeated use of the term "un-fertilised embryos."

What do you think he meant by "un-fertilised embryos," watch the clip and share your thoughts?

As Eastside Billie pointed out on,

If this were Palin, McCain, Limbaugh, Hannity or any other right wing it would be spread all over the media. But Billy C? No way. Don't we all know he's brilliant. He's a scholar. The Media will protect any liberal when they talk stupid.

Can you say Dan Quayle?

Hat Tip: NZ Conservative


  1. hand it back to science.

    Except this is not an issue for science, this is an issue for ethicists, philosophers, and theologians.

  2. He has apparently studied this issue and has all this rich scientific knowledge. I had no idea they only did stem cell research on the unfertilised embryos. Until Bill told me that I thought they were doing it on fertilised ones. I didn't even know such a distinction existed until he INVENTED it.

    Do you think he meant ova and sperm, but I am sure that stem cell resarch is not done on them and if it were who would find that controversial?

  3. I think he is a politician who sincerely believes he can come to the rescue of this dispute and solve it with some made up terms. Didn't he try the same thing at the end of his presidency? I recall him stating he intended to solve the middle east dispute before he left office.

    Complete idiot. I don't think he mistakenly used the wrong term. He probably thinks that there is such a thing as an unfertilised embryo and the CNN reporter is every bit as ignorant as him for not calling him on it.

  4. How does Bill manage to get out of bed in the morning? It must really tax his brain cell.

    PS I recommend "The truth about Hillary : what she knew, when she knew it, and how far she'll go to become president" by Edward Klein.

    ISBN 1595230068 or 1595230238 (pbk.)

  5. Maybe his brain cell hasn't been fertilised.

  6. Eastside Billie's comments are on the mark, this would be shouted from the rooftops if Bush or anyone with his views had stuffed up to this magnitude.

  7. Bree I think he can only have meant implantation but who did he think thought stem cell research was done on implanted embryos?

    It doesn't matter how it is construed he comes out of this looking very confused.

    It is a shame that Billie and Greer's points are so true.

  8. I see that John Key has handed it to business with his decision to do away with the Bio-ethics Council. Thanks National.

  9. Didn't he essay the same abstract at the modify of his presidency? I request him stating he witting to solve the region easterly dispute before he left office.

    Complete idiot. I don't think he mistakenly used the criminal term. He probably thinks that there is such a abstract as an unfertilised brute and the CNN reporter is every taste as naif as him for not calling him on it.


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