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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

With Comment Luv from MandM

I have just installed Comment Luv onto MandM.

It is a little different to how you comment on most New Zealand blogs but it is worth getting used to as if you have a blog and you leave a comment your latest post will show up under your comment automatically as a live URL as an invitation for other readers to visit your site with one click rather than clicking through to your profile.

As MandM are "do follow" that link will be search engine spidered and will help to increase your page rank.

Another way of showing our appreciation of your feedback and links :-)

If you want Comment Luv, follow the link above and follow the instructions - make sure you run the video as you install it there are a couple of little steps that you will miss if you just rely on the written instructions.

Now if someone wants to send me some CSS so I can make the silver-grey background confirm to MandM's colours you will save me a horrible learning curve (I hate CSS).


  1. Madeleine, post the existing CSS in the comments to this post. It will possibly just be a colour change.

  2. Thanks. In order to find that information I found instructions to customise the skin; basically you just take the code and insert your own hex values into it so you are right, it is just as simple as a colour change.

    Here I was thinking I was going to have to write CSS which I can do when I make myself but I hate it because I can never remember how it works and then I leave some vital piece of punctuation out and it won't work and I can never see the problem for looking...

    Anyway, I think I can handle this!

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  3. We also have recently added Comment Luv and we are do follow. Actually I did it back on the 9th but have just gotten around to posting about it. The comment have increased and the quality has improved.

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  4. As long as we don't go into spam overload we will stick with it. We know that our rise through the rankings is due to people visiting, linking, commenting - seeing these things encourage us to keep going, it tells us people like what we are doing. I wanted to find a way of saying thankyou.

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  5. Ok, I do need some help with this CSS thing. There was some dummy text provided to change the colours - you just had to put your colour codes into it where it said {background-color:[color selection]}

    I have gone through and put the colours in, I have put it in the prescribed place in the html for this blog, but it is not looking any different. I need some trouble shooting help. My colours are hex - should I convert them to RGB? Do I need the # at the start or should I leave it off? Do any of the brackets in the above need to be deleted?

    Is there some additional code I need to put in higher up? I am now looking at this and wondering if I have to decipher what it means and put it in as I had just clicked on the skinning guide for smoothgray and only inserted that code.

    (You cannot use the WYSIWYG option for blogger)

    I cannot seem to sign up for the JS-Kit help forum as when it sends me the confirmation email it never arrives - frustrating.

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  6. The first guest post was me (away from my computer).

    It appears to be javascript (I don't read this)

    See if this code already appears, if not add it

    .js-CommentsSkin-smoothgray .js-OldCommentsWrap{background-color:#FFFFFF}

    This should make the background white. If it does, then try changing or adding others 1 at a time with the colours you choose.

    I presume luv comment code has been added to your blogger Layout| edit html section?

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  7. Yes it has - I had to download the entire package then upload it to their site then re-load the whole thing back in.

    I think my biggest problem is not being totally clear on where to put it. The JS-Kit site seems to assume knowledge in places and spells it out in others which is annoying.

    Where do I put that piece of code? (it does not seem to appear even when I expand widgets).

    Maybe we should do this via email if you are amenable to helping? I don't think I have yours but flick me an email m_flannagan@clear dot net dot nz.

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  8. I am not overly familiar with programming, I just play around with the code. I think the best option is that you join my test blog and upload luv comment. Then I can view it in blogger. I have sent an invite.

    If you need my email it is

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