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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Win a Car and Speak Your Thoughts about the Human Impact on Global Warming

Celebrate coming off an ice-age, win a car and get a platform to air your view to New Zealand about the junk "science" behind the global warming movement.

Sound to good to be true?

But wait, there is more!

If you go here and enter the draw to win a brand new Toyota Prius, it will cost you the totally affordable price of $0. That's right folks, it's totally free!

You get a platform to express your views, the knowledge that hundreds of people will read them, the chance to drive away in a brand new black - I mean, can you get a cooler colour? Toyota Prius and it costs you no more than the few seconds it takes to write a trite soundbite.

[Ok, well, for Matt and other Philosophers it might take several hours to research the philosophy around bogus global warming science and formulate an argument that satisfies modus pollens but you get my point]

But if you click now, you also get this limited edition offer to participate in MandM earth hour. At 8.30pm, on the 28th of March 2009, turn on every light in your house for one hour to protest at the rubbish you are being fed by the politicians and those calling themselves scientists and historians who are either lying to the public or are incompetent if they think that the fact we have just come off the little ice age is anything new.

Hat Tips: RoarPrawn & No Minister


  1. I'm looking forward to your thoroughly researched proof that the IPCC has got it wrong.

    Andrew W

  2. I'd only take that POS prius if i could sell it to some stupid greenie so i can buy a real car.

  3. "Modus Pollens"? What, is that philosophy for flowers? (Ask Matt what I mean ;) )

  4. Another item on our to do list Andrew.

    Basically we agree the earth is warmer, we do not agree that this is anything new historically speaking and we dispute much of the claims that humans are the cause of this warmness and much of the research around the claims that humans can alter it.

  5. Madeleine was making a joke - nice to see someone got it.

  6. looking forward to your earth hour. How do I sign up or is it just a free for all!!!

  7. It is a free for all - spread the word, link to this post, tweet it on twitter and enjoy participating.

  8. Thanks for the tip-off M&M, I wouldn't turn up my nose at any free car!

    Here's my entry to the competition, fairly balanced as I don't want to damage my chances of a free car:

    "It is a strange way to illustrate the point that we should care for the environment, as it will reduce electricity consumption briefly followed by a peak in demand by many devices that have been switched off for the hour (such as refridgerators). This peak demand may have to be supplied by marginal fossil-fuel generation, potentially increasing total emissions. It will thus do little or nothing to "save the planet". However I trust that this irony will not be lost on everyone, and it will help encourage some people to ensure that they choose to preserve the environment in ways that will actually be effective."

  9. If you can't win unless you write something pro I definately won't win LOL! Ah well didn't need a new car anyway...

  10. I don't think you have to write something pro, just express your thoughts briefly on earth hour. Our car's playing up today and smelling of petrol inside so we could do with a brand new Prius to sell and get a Landrover Defender!

  11. I just wrote my piece and got the flatties on board, even dug out the outdoor Christmas lights, so we will be literally lighting up like a Christmas tree on Saturday.

  12. Thanks for the tip...I was planning to turn everything on, and hopefully show a spike in power use locally.
    If I happen to win the prius, I'll trade it in for a 4WD...

  13. Hysterical!

    I can afford the power bill from an hour's worth of lightbulbs, not sure I can commit to the 4WD though - we owned a Landrover in Dunedin, cost us $130 to fill the tank and it would use it in about 5 days.

    Still would be very funny!

  14. I've started a wee series over at my place on "Earth hour will kill us all!", there will be a few posts coming out over the next day on how not to celebrate Earth Hour, some readers may find it amusing!

  15. I guess I wont win the car. I suggested they drop Earth Hour and celebrate Edison instead by turning on every light available.

    Oh well!

  16. Counting up our house can do: 3 laptops, 3 desktops, 3 TVs, 1 VHS, 1 DVD, 1 sky, 2 XBox, 1 PS3, 1 stereo, 1 surround sound system, 1 music keyboard, 1 washing machine, 1 dryer, 1 dishwasher, 3 extractor fans, 1 rangehood & I can't be bothered counting the lights. Any given Saturday night half of that might be on, tomorrow night it all will be.


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