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Monday, 30 March 2009

Top 10 NZ Christian Blogs - February 09

The MandM Top 10 New Zealand Christian Blogs for February 09, in the category of public discourse, are ranked by identifying Christian blogs then comparing Half Done's February 09 stats with Tumeke's February 09 stats and averaging them to obtain their overall February 09 ranking.

Rank. [previous top 10 rank] Blog MandM (Half Done Tumeke)
  1. [1.] NZ Conservative 20 (10 - 30 )
  2. [2.] Something Should Go Here, Maybe Later 22 (13 - 31)
  3. [4.] The Briefing Room 30 (35 - 25)
  4. [3.] Keeping Stock 31.5 (28 - 35)
  5. [5.] MandM 32.5 (26 - 39)
  6. [N] Being Frank 46* (40 - ??)
  7. [9.] Kiwi Polemicist 56 (51 - 61)
  8. [7.] Samuel Dennis 59 (30 - 88)
  9. [N] Say Hello to my Little Friend (Beretta Blog) 73.5 (68 - 79)
  10. [6.] The Humanitarian Chronicle 74.5 (101 - 48)

* For blogs that only feature on one set of stats a score for the other set is estimated by factoring in the discrepancy between the two sets of stats given their different ranking methods; any blogs this effects are marked with an asterisk. We suggest that any blog not featuring on both should submit their blog to the ranking they are not currently on as it is not always possible for us to simply calculate the score that blog would have obtained.

Note: This list only includes Christian blogs that openly identify as Christian blogs on Tumeke's ranking descriptions. If you think your blog should be on the MandM top 10 NZ Christian Blogs rankings contact Tim Selwyn of Tumeke and ask him to change your blog description to include something identifiably Christian on his rankings. More here.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. The battle for first and third are neck and neck.

    Well done everyone for all you do on behalf of Christians who cannot say it anywhere near as well as you do.

    Thankyou for your efforts in the battle for the public square.

    Thanks MandM for your service above and beyond.

  3. I suspect March will show further increases as everyone seems to be much more back in swing after Christmas/New Years.

    When are we going to see what you are capable of in your comments around the place actually appearing on your blog?


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