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Friday, 20 March 2009

Auckland Bloggers Bash

The lovely Annie Fox has called for Auckland bloggers, and any others who happen to be in Auckland, to mark the first Thursday of every month in their calendars for B3 - (Bloggers Bar Bash).

The next B3 will be on 2nd of April (my birthday!) from 6.30pm onwards at Galbraiths, 2 Mt Eden Road, Mt Eden, Auckland.


  1. You should go and commisserate getting old with fellow bloggers. How often are you going to be in a room full of people who find the prospect of spending an evening discussing politics enjoyable.

    They might even shout you a birthday round.

  2. My birthday was a week ago.. and I can almost guarantee I am older..

    Discussing politics with bloggers is likely to make you old, mind you :P


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