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Sunday, 22 March 2009

South Park on Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research

The flawed reasoning, commonly found in most media commentary on human embryonic stem-cell research, was not lost on the makers of South Park. I love how brutal South Park are in exposing PC rubbish; see the YouTube clips below.

[There are two, fast loading, clips below; they are linked so that both will autoplay]

Hat Tip:
Say Hello to my Little Friend: The Beretta Blog and Podcast from Glenn's blog "Yay for stem cell research. But why bring Embryos into it?"


  1. I watched that episode when it was on (no I am NOT a regular South Park viewer!) and it was an excellent illustration of the moral issues.

    What I like about South Park is that they go out of their way to offend everyone indiscriminately. So although a lot of what they say is offensive to Christians, sometimes they come out with some real gems that you can actually agree with.

    I've probably only watched 3-4 episodes ever though, and found 2 illustrated points I generally agreed with. So I don't know if that is very representative!

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  3. I wonder how many years and millions of dollars later will the supporters of this have to burn through before they'll drop the embryonic stem cells and go with the adult ones.


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