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Monday, 23 March 2009

Blackout Victory: s92a Scrapped

The NBR reports that the controversial s92A of the Copyright Amendment Act will be scrapped.

If you recall its implementation was to be "delayed a month while ISPs and copyright holders continued efforts to work out a voluntary agreement on how it would be enforced ... if they could not agree, the clause would be suspended." I predicted then that "in other words, as written, it's dead."

TelstraClear bailed from the talks, making it pretty clear that not only was it not the job of ISP's to be judge and jury, so also was it not their jobs to fix badly drafted legislation. Given how pear shaped things had become, today's announcement from Prime Minister John Key that that the government would be redrafting the section was not surprising.

Awesome victory for the blogosphere whose blackout campaign placed considerable pressure on the government to act.

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